#1 clip in the category “MOUTHSOAPING” – Mouth soaping the filthy liar

Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “Mouth soaping the filthy liar”

Mouth soaping the dirty liarMistress Lilse von Hitte decides to punish Her slave for lying to her by washing his filthy mouth with soap. The slave has the audacity to utter a weak no and for that hell receive double the punishment. He will have to swallow the foam so he can be cleaned on the inside too and that way hell learn to never lie to his Mistress again. She uses a big sponge to scrub his lying mouth clean, rubbing with force, forcing him to stick out his tongue so She can scrub it too. He chokes on the soapy water and the huge amount of foam but hell learn his lesson and never lie to his Mistress again.

#1 clip in the category “MOUTHSOAPING”


Mouthsoaping the filthy liar