#1 clip in the category “PONY PLAY” – Giddy up, little pony

Miss Tressa in “Giddy up. little pony”

House Of Sinn - Giddy up, little ponyUnder the mesmerizing spell of Amazon Queen Miss Tressa every male will be turned into what his real nature is. Nothing but a useful little creature for his Mistress. And this might be a bootlicker, a roadhouse whore or, as we can witness here, a good horsee. Watch the athletic Riding Mistress Tressa in her black leather chaps as she prepares her human horse for its first riding lesson. Yes, the saddle will fit perfectly on his back and offer the Lady a convenient seat. There it trots along the little pony with the delicate female burden on its back. Now feel her beautiful weight upon you, her strong thighs giving your body directions, feel her taking control over you as she tightens strings. Then feel her crop dancing on your back and rear up little pony, obedient little horse.

#1 clip in the category “PONY PLAY”


Giddy up, little pony