Clip of the week 38 2015 – Your ass is Mine by Queen Lissandra

Queen Lissandra in “Your ass it Mine buy Queen Lissandra

Your ass is Mine by Queen Lissandra- a House Of Sinn productionStrap-on Queen Lissandra loves fucking Her slave, be it his mouth or his cunt-ass and a setting of an abandoned building makes Her ferocious and powerful in it’s remoteness. No one in sight for who knows how many miles, the vicious Mistress gives a new meaning to fucking this eager slave. She’s hard on him, choking him as he sucks on Her big, black strap-on dick, making him work for Her pleasure and then the fucking begins. The poor slave in chastity, skewered by his Mistress hot, hard and deep,moaning, whimpering and begging, a dream come true for him as he thanks Her for his torment.He’s fucked within an inch of his life but this is just the beginning as his Mistress asks: Are you ready for more cock?