Clip of the week 42 2015 – Mistress Lilse’s boot cleaning slave

Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “Mistress Lilse’s boot cleaning slave”

Mistress Lilse's boot cleaning slave - a House Of Sinn productionThe aristocratic and beautiful Mistress Lilse has a huge collection of boots and shoes. So much so that She possesses a shoe slave whose only role in Her life is to keep all Her boots and shoes spotlessly clean at all times. For this simple creature this is a position of privilege as he spends his whole useless life enslaved to Mistress Lilses shoes. His tongue is a cleaning implement, it is of no other use. As Mistress Lilse returns to Her apartment he must get to work immediately cleaning all the dirt and mud from Her expensive boots. He must do so with total devotion and passion licking and licking until his Owner is fully satisfied. Mistress Lilse is very demanding and will accept only the highest standards. His tongue and body will ache from the effort but he knows he must achieve perfection or he will be dismissed immediately. After all it is not as though there is a shortage of dumb creatures who would give their all for the honour of being Mistress Lilses shoe slave.