#1 clip in the category “MATURE” – Oral torment on the impotent slave with Mistress Krysty

Mistress Krusty in “Oral torment on the impotent slave with Mistress Krysty”

Oral torment on the impotent slave with Mistress Krysty - A House Of Sinn productionMistress Krysty’s slave has been left bound tightly in a full body leather straight jacket for hours with only his chastity secured pathetic cock and balls exposed. Hooded and blindfolded he has no idea what awaits him, or even when his Mistress will decide his fate. He has lost track of how long his cock and balls have been locked away, so long he is probably now impotent. And today Mistress Krysty wants to abuse and torment. She roughly removes the device but his relief from the painful frustrating chastity is short lived as she tightly ties up his useless cock and balls. With Her expert hands tongue and mouth She brings some life to this pitiful appendage but after years and years of chastity he will just become another statistic in male impotency The slave moans with frustration as She takes him into Her mouth and yet he knows he must never cum without his Mistress’s permission. She continues to tease him, squeezing his balls and jerking his cock. Between bouts of tormenting his unresponsive little dicklet She pleasures Herself by sitting on his face and using his tongue. Eventually She frees his hands and makes him jerk while She uses his tongue enjoying his frustration as he still cannot climax. And now he has missed his chance. It may be months before he is freed from chastity again but perhaps it will never matter as the prolonged periods of denial have eventually rendered him impotent. And so he becomes no more than another useless statistic.

#1 clip in the category “MATURE”


Oral torment on the impotent slave