Clip of the week 45 2015 – #1 in “CORPORAL PUNISHMENT” – Nanny says Pain is the best teacher for naughty boys

Miss Tressa in “Nanny says Pain is the best teacher for naughty boys”

Nanny says Pain is the best teacher for naughty boysAfter a hard thrashing with Miss Tressas hairbrush you would think that this lazy lecherous boy might have learned his lesson.Clearly not because it has now been reported to Nanny Tressa that this imbecile has once again been compromising his expensive education and spending time skulking under stairs and looking up teachers skirts while no doubt rubbing his pathetic cocklet. It is time he is taught a much more painful lesson. Not with a hairbrush this time but with a whippy cane. Miss Tressa is so angry with his behaviour and thrashes him so hard that She breaks Her cane in the process of painting painful red stripes across his white ass. But now he has caused Her to break one of Her favourite canes so it is time to increase the pain. She turns to a heavy leather tawse and really flays his lily white skin as She takes Her anger out on this wayward fool. He gasps and screams as the blows rain down but will he learn his lesson this time or will his simple mind be once again influenced by what hangs between his scrawny legs? if he is sensible he will not wish to incur the wrath of Nanny Tressa again. But Nanny knows best and he may have to suffer many more humiliating and painful lessons before his education in Female Supremacy is complete.

#1 in the “CORPORAL PUNISHMENT” category!