Clip of the week 46 2015 – Guinea pig for whip training

Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Antonella in “Guinea pig for whip training”

Guinea pig for whip trainingYou all know how skilled Goddess Ezada is at training male creatures in all forms of Female Supremacy but do you know She also trains Mistresses in the beautiful art of whipping? Mistress Antonella has used all kinds of implements of pain until now and Her personal favourite is the cane but the whip is special so Her friend Goddess Ezada has offered to teach Her all about the single tail and the pleasure of inflicting pain with different kinds of whips. Being Her first time doesnt mean She pulls Her punches, after all She is a Sadist at heart. As the beautiful Mistresses go through all the whips in the dungeon, the poor slave is exhausted and terrified but he must endure skilled and unskilled hits after hits until Mistress Antonella will get a handle at the whips. It may take a whole day but who cares what the slave thinks, he is just a tool for whipping practice.