Clip of the week 47 2015 – Mistress Roberta’s Boot service

Mistress Roberta in “Mistress Roberta’s Boot service”

Mistress Roberta's Boots serviceMistress Roberta will decide today Her slave’s place around her, that depending on his ability of cleaning Her boots. He spent the entire night in a small cell, unable to sleep or even sit, and he will spend the next one in the same place if his Mistress is not pleased by his performance. It’s a necessary lesson in humility for any slave and an old age is not a good enough reason to avoid it. Her leather high heeled boots will benefit from a soft tongue service while She is relaxing in a leather covered chair. Mistress Roberta is guiding him with Her whip, showing the slave the places needing his tongue the most. After a long french kiss with his Mistress’s boots he is allowed to go in a corner and wait for the next chores She will assign him.