Clip of the week 48 2015 – Just an ashtray for his Goddess

Mistress Krysty in “Just an ashtray for his Goddess”

Just an ashtray for his GoddessThere are slaves that might deserve to be praised for their service, others that manage to please their Mistresses so much that they might be treated as prised pets or property but most of them are born to serve as mere objects for serving real life Goddesses. Mistress Krysty enjoys Her vices, be it a bull to be fucked, a cuckold to be teased and denied or just a good smoking break in a busy day of Female Supremacy. A new latex catalogue holds Her interest as She is smoking to Her leisure, completely ignoring the human ashtray that exists for the soul purpose of serving as Her ash swallower. Well trained, not moving a muscle in fear of disturbing his Mistress, he endures and is grateful for the privilege of being allowed to serve an experienced Romanian Goddess such as Mistress Krysty. After all, good slaves are seen but not heard, used but not acknowledged.

Just an ashtray for his Goddess