Clip of the week 50 2015 – Begging to clean Her boots

Mistress Kennya in “Begging to clean Her boots

My heels are bigger than your dick

Mistress Kennya just loves leather, humiliation and tears in a slaves eyes, She loves Her gorgeous leather boots just as much and keeping them clean and shiny is this slave’s most important task in the whole world, he exists only for this purpose. But taking care of a Mistress’ boots is not an easy task, first he must beg for the privilege and begging is not good enough until She sees tears in his eyes. To be humiliated by this amazing Goddess is a dream come true, begging for it is more than fitting in his eagerness to please, a slap seems like a caress, Her spit is ambrosia to a slaves tongue and boot cleaning is a new purpose in his miserable bitch life. So he will lick, suck on Her heels, clean every speck of dust, accept every humiliation and be grateful for the honor.