#1 clip in the category “SCRATCHING” – Lady Yna’s razor sharp stilleto claws

Lady Yna in “Lady Yna’s razor sharp stiletto claws”

Lady Ynas razor sharp stilleto clawsLady Yna’s slave has pleased her today and so She decides to reward him with the gift of pain, pain for Her pleasure and delight. Her exquisitely manicured and perfect nails are not just things of great beauty but instruments of pain and torment. With Her hooded slave spreadeagled helplessly on Her bed the delectable Lady Yna uses Her razor sharp talons to decorate his puny body, the body that She owns, with a mass of deep scratch marks. His imprisoned cock and sensitive balls do not escape the pain as She joyfully rakes Her sharp instruments of torture across them. The slave screams in pain and begs for mercy but he has no hope, his screams are just like music to his Tormentors ears and merely add to Her evident pleasure. They both know how easy it would be for Her to rip his pale skin apart. His plight only deepens when She reaches the insides of his thighs, a most sensitive area. The scratch marks that adorn his body have given his Mistress pleasure today and that is all that matters, it will be some time before these marks heal so he will have a constant reminder of his place in Lady Ynas life in the weeks to come.

#1 clip in the category “SCRATCHING”