Clip of the week 52 2015 – The FemDom Christmas Spirit

Mistress Sarah and Miss Tressa in “The FemDom Christmas Spirit”

FemDom Christmas SpiritThe beautiful Mistress Sarah is relaxing at home before Christmas when lovely Miss Tressa visits to present Her with a Christmas gift from the ladies of the House of Sinn – one of their slutty slaves for Mistress Sarah to keep for the next year. As they examine the pitiful wretch Miss Tressa explains that he has been well trained and is to be used in any way Mistress Sarah wishes, to be , humiliated, degraded and beaten in any way that She wishes. He is simply an object to be used for Her convenience and pleasure. They make fun at his tiny dicklet, smaller even than their little fingers, but as Miss Tressa explains because the little piece of grizzle is never used, and never will be, it is totally impotent. As it is Christmas the hapless slave must sing for his Superiors before Miss Tressa hands over the chain of Ownership to Her good friend. This will sure be a difficult year for this slut.

A House of Sinn Christmas production