Giant speculum inspection – 01/01/2016

Clip of the week – 2 2016


The beautiful and aristocratic Mistress Lilse von Hittle is dressed in a stunning latex catsuit as She informs Her waiting anal slut that She is going to fuck him with Her giant cock. It is of course the sluts responsibility to ensure that he is clean and douched before presenting his willing ass to his Mistress but She must of course carry out an inspection so that She can be sure. For this Mistress Lilse uses a giant speculum that She lubes and eases into his slutty ass before expanding it and stretching the asshole painfully so that Her examination of his cleanliness can be thorough. She uses a torch to check but will need to expand him more to be absolutely sure that he is clean enough. Will She be satisfied that he is ready to take Her monster cock deep inside?