The gift of Mistress Kennya’s ash – 01/10/2016

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The gift of Mistress Kennya's ashDressed from head to toe in sumptuous leather the imperiously elegant Mistress Kennya strolls out to the balcony of Her luxurious penthouse suite to relax and smoke one of Her expensive cigarettes. In Her coterie of slaves She keeps an ashtray whose sole purpose is to consume every flake of ash and every lipstick laden butt every day of its life. It must kneel obediently at Her side without moving a muscle and with tongue ready to accept the gift of Mistress Kennyas ash. It must instantly swallow the ash and represent its tongue and remain still and silent despite the distraction of the intoxicating combination of Mistresss magnificent beauty and the smell of Her expensive leather clothing. She will occasionally blow smoke in its face but it must not cough or splutter and eventually Mistress will extinguish Her burning cigarette on its tongue before returning to Her suite and putting the ashtray, a mere object in Her life, in a corner out of the way ready for Her next smoke. A House of Sinn production #1 in the “HUMAN ASHTRAY” category!