#1 in the category “SMOTHER” – The bitch doesn’t need to breathe

Lady Yna and Mistress Gaia in “The bitch doesn’t need to breathe”

The bitch does not need to breathe

The gorgeous Mistress Gaia shares Her lovely soft female slave with Her friend Lady Yna in a show of strength from the slut in enduring her Mistresses whims and entrusting her life in Their hands. The mean Mistresses choke and smother her again and again, watching her struggle for a glimpse of breath under Their ruthless leather clad hands. To make Their entertainment more interesting a few well placed knees make sure the task of enduring is rendered more difficult, squashing her slight body under Their lovely curves. The torment seems endless as the bitch struggles for her very life at the mercy of two cruel Goddesses.

#1 in the category “SMOTHER”