A Valentine’s Day trap – 02/14/2016

A Valentine's Day trapGoddess Ezada and Mistress Natalie Black are in a perversely mean mood today. Valentine’s Day brings gifts and this slave dreams of a release from his Mistresses but if life would be so easy for a slave, everyone could be one. Their silky hands bring him to the brink again and again, playing with his hard dick and bound balls. But the Mistresses are skilled in the art of male denial and Their trap has been set as soon as They began binding his eager balls for the tightness of the rope makes it impossible to ejaculate. Or is it? His whimpering body begs for release as the vicious Mistresses tease and humiliate him as he tries again and again to release the immense pressure on his balls but fails miserably even as the Mistresses offer him the chance of cumming on command to Their count. He will learn a hard lesson on this special day, disgusting slaves cannot cum, his gift is another humiliating failed attempt.