A lesson in the true meaning of Worship – 02/16/2016

A lesson in the true meaning of WorshipMistress Liberty and Lady Yna have a brand new slave to enjoy this fine evening, untouched and untrained in the fine art of True Worship. This is the most important thing that a slave must learn, from his knees, head down and humble as his only purpose is to bring pleasure and worship to his Mistress. A careful reverent lick of the shoe tip, a soft kiss of the flank and a vigorous suck of the heel are skills he must master in order to be allowed to serve the luscious Mistresses for any period of time. Lady Ynas seductive voice guides his actions on his very first taste of Female Dominance as Mistress Liberty evaluates his progress in obedience and skill. His cocklet twitches as he is overwhelmed by the immense stimulation of soft spoken instructions and the privilege of adoring his Goddesses shoes. As a tease, the mean Ladies guide him on the journey of ass worship as well, distractions while learning to worship shoes and heels are very important tools in the future lessons in discipline and focus. But that is another lesson for another day.