Crushing the loser under My voluptuous weight – 02/21/2016

Crushing the looser under the My voluptuous weightLady Yna and Miss Tressa’s personal floor mat has upset Her somewhat today. He has no other use in Her life and thinks he serves only Her. The audacity of his assumption brings a surprise as Miss Tressa decides to lend him to Her friend the deliciously lush Lady Yna. Instead of merely resting Her feet on his useless body She steps on to him and subjects him to a serious trampling under Her voluptuous weight. She is disgusted by the fact that his tiny squishy cock starts to leak and soils the soles of Her expensive hosiery. As She steps on to his face and cuts off his breathing he fears for his life but he has little choice in the matter. He is so afraid of being crushed that, as Lady Yna searches out his balls to step on, She cannot find them as they have obviously disappeared back inside his body in fright. As She climbs off his trembling and whimpering body, he is declared as pleasing to trample on and crus, so now, Miss Tressa will feel She can invite all Her Lady friends around to use Her mat.