Slave eating behaviour training with Goddess Ezada and Lady Yna part 2 – 02/22/2016

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Slave eating behaviour training with Goddess Ezada and Lady YnaGoddess Ezada Sinn and Lady Yna. After a very enlightening and fun chat about the eating behaviour training for Goddess Ezada and Lady Yna’s slaves, the time has come to implement the next step of Goddess Ezada’s personal slave’s training: accepting not only his Mistresses’ chewed food and bodily fluids but also Her fiend’s. This is a lesson not only about obedience and the importance of accepting and welcoming his Owner’s will in all aspects of his life , but also about submitting to other people at his Mistress’ command. As the Ladies chew and spit out the leftovers in his assigned bowl, he watches with fearful and excited eyes, humiliated beyond belief about eating a stranger’s leftovers and spit. But his behaviour training is so well developed that he obeys without thought, welcoming any and all aspects of it, as a well trained slave must.

House Of Sinn production in collaboration with Goddess Ezada Sinn at a special price for three days only as a treat for Our fans. See the first part of this clip on Mistress Ezadas clip store.