Oral sex toy for his Mistress – 02/24/2016

Oral sex toy for his MistressMistress Krysty, it’s time for Mistress to pleasure Herself. As is customary She keeps a slave at Her feet as She gently eases Her vibrator back and forth bringing subtle waves of pleasure. The slave can only look and hope that She may use him. His little cock strains in its chastity device, he knows that his Mistress will have many orgasms and yet he may never get to orgasm again. Mentally and physically crushed by his Supreme Goddess. He must be ready and always alert because his Mistress may want to make use of his tongue. Discarding Her vibrator She lowers Herself on to his face and he knows what he must do. Failure to bring his Mistress to orgasm will result in severe punishment and yet if he does bring Her to orgasm he will suffer so much mentally knowing that he will never have that pleasure. His pleasure comes from realising that he suffers for his Mistress. Just another impotent loser.