Fit to be My slave – 02/25/2016

Fit to be My slaveLady Maya.  As this hapless creature worships and drools over Lady Maya’s beautiful black patent leather platform boots, The Lady comes to the conclusion that not only is he dumb but he is not in good physical shape. An unfit slave is a useless slave. Even his boot licking and heel sucking is not to Her liking so it is not long before he feels the wrath of Her vicious crop. She assaults his ugly face with some serious face slapping and then makes him dance to Her tune and for Her entertainment with plenty of encouragement from Her crop. Finally it’s time for some press ups but they won’t be easy as his Mistress will sit on his puny frame and continue to thrash his reddening ass. Will he ever be fit enough for his Mistress? Time and a lacerated ass will tell.