The precious gift of smoke and ash – 02/29/2016

The precious gift of smoke and ashLady Yna.  After a long tiring day Lady Yna likes to relax by enjoying one of Her premium brand cigarettes and to add to Her enjoyment She uses a human ashtray. The fact that this ashtray does not like smoke merely adds to Her pleasure as She offers him the gift of Her smoke in his eyes, nose and mouth. Such is the fate of a mere slave object as he dutifully extends his tongue to catch the burnt ash. But Lady Yna is a considerate Mistress and graciously helps the ashtray swallow the ash by depositing large amounts of delicious spit in it’s mouth. As She tweaks his tender nipples for some additional amusement She comes up with the idea of inviting some friends around so they can all use the ashtray. Hmmm, what a delightful idea for the nonsmoker slave She kindly extinguishes Her lipstick laden butt in his filthy mouth before shoving it deep down his throat for consumption. He must be very grateful for the honour of being used as Her personal ashtray.