Severe punishment for the lazy slave – 03/01/2016

Severe punishment for the lazy slaveMiss Tressa is angered by Her slaves failure to clean Her dungeon adequately. Laziness in a slave is unforgivable and so he must be severely punished not just for this but as a deterrent for the future. He is strapped so tightly to the punishment bench that he cannot move a muscle as he awaits his fate. There is a surprise in store however before Miss Tressa will commence his punishment. She decides to make him even more uncomfortable by securing a large anal hook deep in his man pussy. He trembles in anticipation of his pain and suffering as She sets about his fat lazy ass and backs of his thighs with a series of implements that soon has him gasping in pain. She thrashes him with Her whippy crop, a heavy wooden paddle, a leather paddle and finally Her brutal multi tailed whip. The only way to cure a lazy slave is to beat the laziness out of him, for ever.