A messy cleaning duty – 03/903/2016

#1 Clip in the “FOOD & OBJECT CRUSH” category

A messy cleaning dutyGoddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Evilyne. Goddess Ezada’s cleaning slave has done such a poor job of cleaning the play space that he will be thought a lesson to remember for the rest of his pathetic life. Her fiend Cruel English Femdom Mistress Evilyne has some wicked ideas about this interesting task for the naughty filthy pig just waiting to be put into practice. He must clean the floor and eat his dinner from Their shoes and heels, a squashed dinner that is. The sound of crunching and squashing brings fright in his eyes but he will do it, with gusto as is proper for his status of filthy pig, wallowing in his filth, eating from the floor, getting himself as dirty as his status demands. The gift of spit from The Mistresses is a delight for his palate as he cleans everything with his dirty little tongue. The Ladies must be careful not to touch his body, lest They get some of his filth on Their magnificent bodies. Allas, he’s useless at cleaning, food is mere play for his narrow slave mind, that must mean he’ll be sent to the pigsty out back to live among his peers for a month or two. Maybe then he will be able to understand the value of his lesson.