Foot gagging the bitch – 03/04/2016

Foot gagging the bitchLady Yna and Mistress Gaia. This eager foot slave will do anything for his Mistresss pleasure but he is only good for worshipping, kissing and smelling feet. Today he is lucky, he has 2 pairs of feet to pamper – those of the amazing Mistress Gaia and those of the beautiful Lady Yna. He sniffs and licks for all he is worth, both Mistresss have been wearing their hose all day. He then takes a complete foot in his mouth and is warned of the consequences of his teeth coming into contact with the soft delicate skin of his Owners feet. He gags and splutters but this is of no concern to the Mistresses, They even use their hands to force his mouth open wider so that he can take the complete foot and lick it clean. Its his lucky day, he will get to spend the rest of it at the mercy of his Mistresss precious feet and understand his lowly position in Their lives.