A worshiping tongue and a whip – 03/06/2016

Clip of the week – 11 2016

A worshiping tongue and a whipMistress Sarah is a sophisticated, elegant and deliciously cruel Mistress. Her strong natural sadistic streak can only mean much pain and suffering for any witless male creature honoured to be in Her presence. Today She is wearing a pair of magnificent open toed platform designer shoes as befits a Lady of Her class. As She reminds the miserable wretch at Her feet not only are Her long steel stilletto heels more that twice the length of his pitiful excuse for a cock but just one of Her elegant shoes is worth more than his sad life. He must reverently worship her toes and shoes and then lick the dirt from the soles. She has a nasty looking whip at hand should he displease Her in any way, or maybe She will just use it for Her pleasure. After carefully removing one of Her shoes Mistress Sarah forces Her entire foot into his mouth. Shen then vigorously fucks his mouth causing him to gag and splutter and should his teeth touch Her soft skin he will feel the lash of Her whip. Face fucked by a foot – how degrading for the pathetic creature.