An armpit tongue bath – 03/16/2016

An armpit tongue bathGoddess Ezada Sinn, Madame Caramel, and Governess Painless.  Some very lucky slaves have the privilege of worshipping true Goddesses as a reward for a good whipping received by the hands of their Owners. Goddess Ezada Sinn, Governess Painless and Madame Caramel have a nice chat after a whole day spent in gorgeous leather. There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a good slave tongue on sweaty armpits and Madame Caramel has a particular liking to getting cleaned and sniffed by obedient white slave boys. Her naturally arousing aroma sends them into the early stages of arousal as they perform like the good boys that they are under the smiling glances of the other Mistresses. Another wonderful day in the world of Female Supremacy.