Double Domme face sitting contest – 03/14/2016

Double Domme face sitting contestGoddess Ezada was visiting Mistress Roberta one afternoon, having a chat with Her. Her slave was naked on the bed, restrained with several belts, locked in chastity, of course. The Ladies were thinking of what to do to him when Goddess Ezada came with an idea: to test which one of Them is better at face sitting by seeing who can sit on his face, smothering him, for a longer time. Mistress Roberta went first; She allowed the slave to take a few deep breaths, and then covered his face with Her ass. In just a few moments, the chastity cage suddenly became too small for the slave; it seems he got aroused by being used as an ass cushion. The first take lasted for only 30 seconds, which did not please Mistress Roberta, so She decided to go again. But the slave didn’t take any air in his lungs this time, so in just several seconds he started to move, letting Them know he needs to breathe. Not like anybody cared, so Mistress Roberta sat on his face for 40 seconds this time. Now it’s time to try the reverse position, and Mistress Roberta set her target at one minute. But this slave is weak, especially when he’s so close to a Woman’s pussy, just beneath a small piece of cloth, that he couldn’t go all the time and gave up at 55 seconds. It’s hard to be able to smell pussy, to have a hard-on, and to know that he will never be able to touch a pussy with his pathetic prick.Now it’s Goddess Ezada’s turn. Without letting the slave prepare too much, She sits Her voluptuous ass on his face, covering his head completely, almost hiding it under Her. And it proved to be a very comfortable face, with his nose squashed so hard that Goddess Ezada couldn’t even feel it’s presence under Her ass. She almost forgot about the time, and when She checked Her phone, it was already past one minute. So Goddess Ezada won, although She must admit it could be considered cheating, as the slave was Hers, so he might have favored Her.