Amuse Me with your rattle – 03/20/2106

Amuse Me with your rattleMistress Lilse von Hitte.  It is time for Mistress Lilse von Hitte to introduce a new toy to Her anal slut. This is a rattle and all the slave has to do to amuse his imperious Goddess is simply to make the toy rattle. Easy. However this is no ordinary rattle as the slave discovers when Mistress Lilse starts fingering his man pussy with all Her fingers in preparation. For this rattle is in the shape of a large dildo which Mistress Lilse is going to bury deep in his ass and then sit back as Her slave amuses Her by making the toy rattle. Because it is buried in his ass the only way he can make it rattle is to jump up and down, dance and wriggle much to his Mistresss amusement. Will She be so sadistic as to make him wear it permanently so that when he goes out on the street or to his place of work he will constantly rattle for his Goddess?