I’ll peel your skin off with My stiletto claws – 03/19/2016

I'll peel your skin offLady Yna’s slave has displeased her today and so She decides to punish him with the exquisite pain of Her long stiletto claws, his pain for Her pleasure. Her exquisitely manicured claws are not just things of great elegance but also true instruments of torment. With Her slave spreadeagled helplessly on Her cross the curvaceous Lady Yna uses Her razor sharp talons to decorate his puny body, the body that She owns, with a multitude of deep scratch marks, peeling his skin off, one groove at a time. His imprisoned cock and balls do not escape the pain as She sadistically rakes Her sharp claws across them. This little slave has tenure, he doesnt scream, he doesnt beg, he just moans softly under the pain his Mistress has the pleasure of imparting. They both know how easy it would be for Her to rip his pale skin off, making red grooves on that perfect skin. These marks will take a long time to heal so he will have a constant reminder of his place in Lady Ynas dungeon in the weeks to come.