Tongue service fit for a Queen – 03/22/2016

Tongue service fit for a QueenQueen Lissandra. Dressed in alluring red lingerie Queen Lissandra has her slave blindfolded and tightly bound to Her bed for the sole purpose of pleasuring Her orally. All slave must possess strong and agile tongues, it is after all the only way they can possibly hope to please their Owners.As She lowers herself slowly towards his face his tongue must reach out in readiness for Her sweet pussy. As he senses and catches the enticing aroma his little cock twitches in the steely confines of his chastity device. One thing is for certain and that is his feeble appendage will never penetrate a Woman. Queen Lissandra purrs with pleasure as She uses his tongue and face to bring Herself waves of pleasure. Smiling wickedly She reaches down and releases Her slaves flaccid cock from its cage and slowly teases it to erection. It is a long time since this worm like cock showed any signs of life so he is desperate to cum. His face smothered by Queen Lissandras fragrant moist pussy and his hardening cock pulsing under Her soft hands what could possibly go wrong?