Foot worship in a predicament – 03/25/2016

Foot worship in a predicamentMiss Tressa.  The beautiful Miss Tressa is in a kind and generous mood as She graciously allows one of Her foot sluts to worship Her divine feet. He must carefully remove Her designer red patent leather pumps before being granted the privilege of kissing and licking his Mistresss precious feet. All day Her feet have sweated in Her shoes so he must work hard to clean all the sweat and dirt that has built up, his tongue must delve in between Her toes and all over the soles of Her feet until She is satisfied that they are sufficiently clean while pulling on his own cock and balls in the process. After all the teasing in removing his Mistress pantyhose without so much as touching an inch of skin hes all hard and panting as he performs his licks and kisses on Her magnificent feet. And then he must reverently worship the feet that he couldnt take his eyes off earlier. This pathetic creature is a true foot slut as the pre cum dripping from his inadequate cock betrays his true feelings. He is indeed a lucky slave to receive this precious gift from Miss Tressa.