Toilet Trained by Goddesses – 03/26/2016

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Clip of the week – 13 2016

Toilet Trained by GoddessesGoddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Evilyne.  In a rare setting of full toilet training with Goddess Ezada Sinn and Cruel English Femdom Mistress Evilyne, we invite you to catch a glimpse of the intricate toilet training sessions these true Goddesses inflict on Their human toilets. From techniques, aromas and slave progress, the Ladies use this little get together to enrich Their repertoire of extreme humiliations for said slaves. Or is it gifts? Every slave fortunate enough to serve Them in any circumstance is a champion of the puny male creatures allowed within Their presence, a chance to taste the rich aroma of champagne and the highest quality of kaviar to ever exist in their pitiful lives, much more than they deserve. Another undeserved gift is the touching tale of Mistress Ezadas first full toilet training with Her personal slave, inspired by the lovely Mistress Evilyne. An intimate foray in the world of Female Supremacy.