The finest champagne – 03/27/2016

#1 Clip in the “GODDESS WORSHIP” category
Clip of the week – 14 2016

The finest champagneMistress Kennya.  The stunningly beautiful Mistress Kennya stands towering over the lowly male creature at Her feet. She is the Goddess of his dreams and he is desperate to worship her and demonstrate his absolute devotion. Provocatively dressed in a tight black latex catsuit that accentuates Her perfect body She contemptuously dismisses his pitiful pleas, how could he possibly be worthy enough to worship such an esteemed and mighty Goddess? She teases and taunts him and mocks his complete inadequacy leaving him as deflated as his pitiful cock. But the She throws him a lifeline. He must beg Her to do the one thing he hates. He must beg with total passion to drink Her golden nectar, then maybe, just maybe She might consider allowing him to worship Her. But there is no guarantee.