Nailed down and milked to the limit – 03/28/2016

Nailed down and milked to the limitLady Renee. With Her slave helplessly bound and stretched on Her bondage rack, Mistress Renee casually informs him that he must always offer up his puny body for Her cruel pleasure. Today Mistress is in a particularly sadistic mood with a desire to really make this hopeless creature suffer for Her pleasure. She starts by tightening the rack to the point where Her slave finds it difficult to breathe, before medically clamping his scrotum in order to stretch the skin out. Having done so, it is time to nail it down to fixed board. As each nail pierces the skin, the slave gasps in shock and pain but this is mere music to Mistress Renee’s ears. His nipples are next, the needles result in more screams, more pain and more pleasure for Her. His body is racked with pain as She applies a vibrator to his sorry cock. Will he be allowed or even be able to cum whilst suffering such extreme agony? The answer is not just yes but his cum literally explodes from his abused balls in a show of extreme cbt inflicted orgasm.