Over the knees spanking for the pitiful wanker – 03/31/2016

Over the knees spanking for the pitiful wankerMiss Tressa.  In the House of Sinn there is one very basic and simple rule – a slave NEVER EVER cums without permission. Failure to observe this rule will result in severe discipline for the rest of any slaves pitiful life. Whether a creature has been teased to the point of desperation is irrelevant – cumming without permission is forbidden. Miss Tressas slave has broken the House rule and must be punished. She pulls his slutty panties down and administers a brutal OTK spanking until the miscreants ass is red raw. But this is just the start of this puny creatures misery as Miss Tressa explains that he could be subjected to a regime of army style discipline and punishment for the rest of his days.. His life is about to become hell and all for a moments lack of self control. Stupid slave.