The family business – 04/02/2016

The family businessLady Yna and Amedee Vause. There is a time in a mommy’s life when the prized offspring has grown enough to enter the family business. Lady Yna introduces Her baby girl, Amedee Vause, to the art of Female supremacy and the pleasure of abusing the men of the family. The perfect victim for this lesson is of course the younger brother, easily led and abused by the experienced mommy and the innocently mean little sister. He will learn how the real family business is run, with the iron claws of Mommy and the submission of all male creatures fortunate enough to breathe Her air. Amedee is just starting in Her path of manipulating the males of the family but She shows Her good genes as viciousness comes naturally, tease leads only to denial and blackmail, every word is a trap for the innocent youngster, all under the watchful, critical eye of mommy, guiding Her progeny down the path of Female supremacy and male servitude.

House Of Sinn production in collaboration with Amedee Vause in Deep Throat Land