men are made to be used by Women – 04/04/2016

Triple Domme outdoors boot cleaningGoddess Ezada Sinn, Mistress Ava Black, and Mistress Kiana.  One day Mistresses Ezada, Ava Black and Kiana went to a forest to shoot some whipping clips. It was a cold, windy day, the winter was not over yet. They had a slave each, to be Their whipping boys, but also to serve Them in any way They needed. And, after having had fun whipping them, the Mistresses needed the slaves to clean Their boots, full of leaves and wet dirt. With their mouths, of course. While Mistresses Ezada and Ava found a tree trunk to sit down on, Mistress Kiana used one of the slaves as Her chair. The other two were left to do all the cleaning, and that wasn’t easy at all. Their mouths got full of wet, half-rotten leaves, their faces got full of dirt. The cold wind was not helping either, even though their backs were hot from the whipping, and their Mistresses felt they could benefit from some warming up slaps on their faces. After all they are slaves, their Mistresses take care of them. They take care that they do their jobs, whether they like it or not. The important thing is that the Mistresses are pleased.