Worship My shoes to earn your release – 04/07/2016

Worship My shoes to earn your releaseLady Yna.  It is a well known fact that a slave kept in chastity becomes a more devoted and attentive slave. Quite simply the longer they are kept locked up in this way the more compliant and subservient they become. Naturally the sadistic Lady Yna keeps all her slaves cocks tightly encased in metal hell. Any release has to be earned the hard way. So Lady Yna summons one of Her slaves and presents him with an opportunity to earn some temporary respite from his painful restriction. He must become a shoe slut and worship Her beautiful black stiletto open toed platform shoes. This is not just case of licking Her expensive designer footwear for a short while. In order to impress Her. Lady Yna must feel his passion, hear and see him slavishly devote himself to the job in hand and She must be able to feel his tongue through the leather. The long stiletto heels must be deep throated as though he was sucking on a juicy cock. Lady Yna is highly demanding so will his efforts be enough to impress Her and earn a release..?