A special cleaning task for the fat lazy slave – 04/09/2016

Clip of the week – 15 2016

A special cleaning task for the fat lazy slaveMistress Lilse von Hitte.  The stunning latex clad Mistress Lilse has Her cleaning slave painfully strung up by his service gag as She informs him that it is time for him to clean Her studio. Mistress Lilse is a cruel perfectionist and will severely punish any pathetic slave that fails to meet Her exacting standards. She fits a brush to his gag so that he can get started, the whip marks on his back serving as a reminder of previous shortcomings. She is singularly unimpressed by his efforts and even more angered when the feeble creature starts drooling and dribbling on Her expensive furniture. She assures him that that unacceptable behaviour has earned him a punishment whipping. She will however give him one last chance to impress Her. He will have to stand for the rest of the evening in a predicament position with a small tray fitted to his gag on which Mistress will rest Her glass of wine. Should he spill a drop or even worse let the glass fall not only will She administer a vicious whipping but She will dismiss him from Her service for ever.