Pleasured by the closet slave – 04/14/2016

#1 in the “MATURE” category!

Pleasured by the closet slaveMistress Krysty is a highly sensual Goddess and in order to satisfy Her voracious sexual appetite She likes to orgasm many times every day. She will use a variety of toys to satisfy Her daily desires and such is Her drive for the ultimate pleasure that She even keeps a human dildo gagged slave in Her closet. This creature’s sole purpose in life is to be used as a human dildo and kept in his Owner’s closet ready to be used for Her pleasure at any time She desires. His jaws and mouth ache constantly as he vigorously fucks Her sweet pussy with his gag. Apart from the physical discomfort he will suffer much mental anguish in the knowledge that his Owner is enjoying multiple orgasms every day yet he, having spent many years in chastity, will never get to experience one again. Oh well, such is the life of a slave. Now, back to the closet until needed again.