Ignoring the attention seeking mutt – 04/19/2016

#1 in the “IGNORE” category!
Clip of the week – 17 2016

Ignoring the attention seeking muttJolie Poupee.  There is nothing more annoying than being constantly bothered by an attention seeking puppy. The beautiful Jolie Poupee wishes to spend time engaging with her Domina friends on social media exchanging tales of slave abuse and humiliation. But She keeps getting disturbed by Her whining puppy attempting to worship Her shoes and feet and attract Her attention. Every time he gets close to Her She dismissively kicks him away sending him sprawling across the floor. No matter how hard and how often She kicks him the stupid mutt keeps coming back for more and even ends up humping the furniture in the forlorn hope that She might notice and devote some time to him. Fat chance of that. The only attention he is likely to get is a severe beating for being an annoying little mutt.