Trampling your pride – 04/18/2016

Trampling your prideMistress Sarah.  One of the greatest gifts any Mistress can bestow upon a slave is the honour of being allowed to worship and lick Her shoes. The breathtakingly beautiful Mistress Sarah has just acquired another pair of expensive designer shoes in stunning red leather with towering heels that accentuate Her perfect shapely legs. What an opportunity of devotion as She summons Her slave with a warning that failure to clean Her shoes to Her satisfaction will result in a severe and merciless trampling. This hapless fool turns out to be useless and even forgets to lick the soles clean. So now he must suffer and suffer he does as his Mistress uses his puny body as a floormat. She ignores his pitiful pleas for mercy and as his cock is mashed under Her glorious shoes he realises he is paying a heavy price for his sloppiness. Will he be given another chance to prove his worth as a shoe shine boy?