Feeding time for the shoe licking bitch – 04/21/2016

Feeding time for the shoe licking bitchMistress Evilyne has a vast collection of designer shoes and likes to have a shoe worshipper close to Her at all times so that She can have Her shoes attended to with the minimum of effort on Her part. Today it is Her new red leather patent stilettos that Her slave must devote himself to and he must dedicate himself passionately to the task. But She also likes to see him suffer and humiliate himself, as befitting such a lowly creature. She starts to enjoy a banana and what better way of humiliating such a creature than making him beg. She will feed him from Her mouth only if he begs like a baby bird, with passion and an accurate imitation of said bird . Should he fail to do so convincingly not only will he go hungry but he could find himself separated from his pathetic excuse for a cock. Such an impossible task for a shoe licking bitch.