Kissed by the whip of the Amazon Queen – 04/29/2016

Clip of the week – 18 2016

Kissed by the whip of the Amazon QueenLady Renee.  The statuesque Lady Renee is in the mood for a bit of relaxation and Her favourite relaxation method is whipping pathetic little men like this loser. His little slave mind can’t even comprehend that he hasn’t done anything wrong, this is just for the pleasure of the Amazon Queen that has total control over his mind, body and soul. This will become a true test of endurance as the vicious Lady has in mind to use all the whips in Her dungeon, one after the other, harder and harder, with brutal intent, making him moan, scream and whimper as the blows flow like a river of fire over his feverish skin, leaving crimson welts and tears of submission. Her graceful body shines with beauty and bliss while he whimpers in despair.