Using the sex toy – 05/01/2016

#1 in the “MATURE” category

Using the sex toyMistress Krusty.  Sultry Mistress Krysty is a mature, experienced Dominatrix with an enormous sex drive and not a day goes by without Her enjoying multiple orgasms. Slaves to Her are mere sex toys and human dildos, trained to fuck and be fucked but never to orgasm. Totally objectified the slave must not touch his Goddess as She takes Her pleasure, Her warm moist pussy pounding his cock until the waves of orgasmic pleasure wash all over Her. Relaxing in Her post orgasm pleasure the slave must worship Her feet before he is left helplessly bound to the bed. There he must remain with his cock hard and ready for Miss Krysty will be back time and time again. Waves of pleasure for Her, nothing for him other than physical effort and mental anguish. But who cares about him.