Lick it all up or starve – 05/02/2016

#1 in the “FOOD & OBJECT CRUSH” category
Clip of the week – 19 2016

Lick it all up or starveMiss Tressa. Its feeding time for Miss Tressa’s mutt like slave. There is no regular feeding pattern for a slave and this one will only ever be fed at Miss Tressa’s whim. It has been 2 days since the last morsel of food passed his sorry lips so he is desperate for sustenance of some sort. Miss Tressa will also keep him hydrated but the only liquid that will ever pass his lips will be Her delicious spit. He behaves like a and will be fed like a licking all the spit and chewed up food directly from the floor and also the soles of his Mistress’s shoes. He must express his gratitude by licking the floor spotlessly clean or it could be a long time before he sees food again.