Be careful what you wish for! – 05/05/2016

#1 in the “CBT” category!

Be careful what you wish forMistress Sarah.  It is a futile exercise for a slave to ask his Mistress for release from the confines of his chastity. Slaves are kept in chastity for good reason, a chaste slave is more obedient, more docile, more subservient and more respectful. Miss Sarah’s slave has been in chastity for a long time. She doesn’t know how long but nor does She care. Now he sobs and begs to be released, desperate to touch and play with his little impotent dick in the hope that it still works. The stunning Miss Sarah’s dismissive look hides Her wicked thoughts as She produces the key to unlock the padlock of the painful device. The slave cannot hide his excitement and relief! But wait, there is a catch for before She releases the padlock She handcuffs his hands behind his back. His joy soon turns to despair as his lifeless little worm springs free from its cage yet he cannot touch it. Such divine cruelty brings a warm smile to Miss Sarahs perfect lips. But the cruelty doesnt end there as his dangling ball sack presents the ideal opportunity for his cruel Goddess to pulverise and torture them to the point where the slave is begging to be locked back in chastity. Be careful what you wish for!