It’s a mutt’s life – 05/07/2016

#1 in the “PUPPY PLAY” category!

Its a mutts lifeMistress Saida.  This little puppy is sleeping quietly chained up in his kennel when he is startled to see his Mistress, the sultry, stunning Mistress Saida towering over him. He obediently rushes out to greet Her, yapping excitedly at Her feet. Feet that are encased in the most amazing leather boots that reach all the way to the top of Her thighs. Time to play fetch, not with a rattle but with a big dildo before some cruel teasing. For the puppy is allowed to kiss and lick the key to its chastity cage which is attached to the lace in Her boots although it may never be used to release him. He must sniff his Goddesss glorious ass like an obedient pup when all he can think about is worshipping it with his wet tongue. How frustrating. But then its a life, isnt it? Back to your kennel boy!