A lesson in drilling male fuck holes – 05/10/20016

Clip of the week – 20 2016

A lesson in drilling male fuck holes.Miss SarahMiss Jolie.  Miss Jolie has never fucked a man pussy before and her good friend, the stunningly beautiful Miss Sarah, is going to take Her in hand and introduce Her to the joys of penetrating slave holes. They have a piece of male meat helplessly immobilised so that just his mouth and asshole are exposed. But that is all they need. Miss Sarah forces his ass cheeks apart as She slides Her large cock deep inside him. At the same time his muffled cries are silenced as Miss Jolie plugs his mouth with Her big strap on. He gags and chokes as She forces it deeper and as She and Miss Sarah change ends it is clear that She is a natural and cant wait to fuck the slaves ass vigorously. The slave groans and moans as both Mistress’s warm to the task of plugging him at both ends. Yes, under the expert guidance of Miss Sarah, Miss Jolie will quickly become skilled at drilling male pussy for Her own pleasure and satisfaction.